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Anonymous leak files from the Embassy of Azerbaijan

Hacked bigdata

Hacking group Anonymous has announced on its Twitter account the breaking into the computer network of the Azerbaijan Embassy in Bulgaria and posted an open access to data related to the Azerbaijanian airline “Silk Way” and all the files from the computer of the Ambassador of Azerbaijan and all the employees of this embassy. In the archive weighing 110 gigabytes, there were many letters classified as “Top Secret”, as well as confidential letters, with instructions for combating the anti-Armenian propaganda. However, most of all, users of the social network Twitter were excited by the letters with diplomatic cover for the transportation of weapons and ammunition for the militants of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

So, it became known from the letters that “Silk Way Avia”, during the last few years, had made regular flights transporting for the needs of terrorists cargo from military factories in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia and other countries, while providing fictitious contracts to aviation services and the foreign ministries of those countries, which were followed by a transit flight, as well as with the form of payment “cash in bag”. However, the most striking thing was the hypocrisy when the official government of Azerbaijan demanded for its planes a diplomatic status for landing, take-off and transit of transported goods, pointing out in letters to interstate agreements.

Since the publication of the letters, the official representatives of Azerbaijan have so far not given any comments.

Written by Christoph Karcher

Christoph is a London-based member of the Cyber-USA’s Editorial team. Christoph places integrity at the pinnacle of successful journalism and believes this is somewhat lacking in traditional media. Christoph is an educator who balances his time between family, social activism and humanitarian causes and his vice is Football and cars.

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