Bianca Gerber

Bianca Gerber is a journalist who is working for the country's largest newspaper. She has a keen interest in reporting on activism and hacktivism. She is also a contributor at EU based Revolution News media. Bianca reports and writes for Cyber-USA on IT security related topics.

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    How ISIS terrorists are recruiting women online?

    All, of course, know the history of the Moscow student Barbara Karaulova that managed to snatch from the hands of terrorists at the last moment. However, you probably never imagined themselves in her place. But this is the wrong opinion. According to various sources, the “Islamic state”, has joined more than two thousand citizens of […]

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    Hackers Cloning Popular Android Apps to Infect Users with Malware

    The IT security researchers at Palo Alto Network have discovered new samples of the Adware-family “Ewind” have been discovered by security researchers. As if earlier versions of the Adware weren’t good enough, hackers have made some lethal modifications in the new samples, and it is looking even more dangerous than before. Researchers believe that the […]

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    FBI Kills Kelihos Botnet after Russian Hacker Arrested in Spain

    Earlier this week, Spanish authorities arrested a Russian hacker and “one of the world’s most notorious criminal spammers,” Peter Yuryevich Levashov (Severa) in Spain. Now, the Feds are working on dismantling Kelihos botnet used by Severa to conduct his large-scale cyber crimes. According to a press release from Department of Justice, an extensive effort to disrupt and dismantle the Kelihos […]

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    Android Forums hacked; password reset notice issued

    Android Forums, a popular platform for Android users, has announced that its servers were accessed by a third-party resulting in a data breach. In a security notice, the website administrator wrote that 40 members of the forum (2.5 percent) who registered between registered in 2016 and 2017 had their accounts compromised. Around 50% of the […]

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    WikiLeaks Reveals CIA’s Hacking Capabilities in ‘Vault 7’ series documents

    Wikileaks has published a massive trove of data allegedly the biggest ever leak on Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) highlighting its hacking capabilities for large-scale cyber attacks and espionage. Dubbed Vault 7 by Wikileaks; the documents were supposed to be leaked by Julian Assange himself, however, due to attacks on his Facebook and Periscope streaming, the organization […]

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    PayPal users hit with “Payment Successfully Made Via Ali Express” Phishing Scam

    PayPal is one of the most used platforms for sending and receiving payments by small medium and large enterprises. This makes it the most lucrative target for cyber criminals which is why PayPal phishing scams are so common these days. However, with every new day, these cyber criminals are coming up with new tactics to trick […]

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    Hacker Selling 1 Billion user accounts stolen from Chinese Internet Giants

    A Dark Web marketplace is where you can buy anything from illegal drugs to weapons and several other products including digital goods. In a recent listing, a well known dark web vendor going by the handle “DoubleFlag” is selling data stolen from several Chinese Internet giants. According to the listing, the data belongs to companies such […]

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    Hacker claims our private cell number on Facebook may not be so private

    Inti De Ceukelaire, a Belgian hacker and security researcher has discovered a new method that further sabotages Facebook’s claim to protect users’ data through its supposedly comprehensive privacy setting features. De Ceukelaire has discovered that he can exploit Facebook to obtain cell phone numbers of users; which they want to remain hidden. According to De Ceukelaire, he […]

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    IHOP’s Twitter account hacked; retweets a tweet against Hillary Clinton

    On Sunday, the International House of Pancakes or IHOP stated that their Twitter account was hacked after the appearance of a politically charged retweet involving a tweet from a user going by the handle of PoojaSlays about Hillary Clinton citing that the ex-first lady ran a “major garbage campaign.” Once the retweet reached to IHOP’s 291k followers, several […]

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    Highly Sensitive Data of Explosives-Handling Company Leaked Online

    It has been discovered that the data of an explosive-handling business was leaked. It is highly frightening if the information security of an explosives-handling business is compromised. It poses the threat of such sensitive information getting into the hands of criminals or even criminals who may try to obtain the explosive materials by using the […]