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How ISIS terrorists are recruiting women online?

All, of course, know the history of the Moscow student Barbara Karaulova that managed to snatch from the hands of terrorists at the last moment. However, you probably never imagined themselves in her place. But this is the wrong opinion. According to various sources, the “Islamic state”, has joined more than two thousand citizens of all countries. Some of them were women. It can happen to any of us if we are not careful.

Who is at risk?

If you are between 18 to 35 years, you are single or unhappy in a relationship, you are educated and spend a lot of time in social networks — you are at risk. The social network is the main instrument of recruitment, and its works flawlessly. On the Internet the easiest way to keep in constant touch with the victim. Through a network of recruiters can remotely influence the human psyche, without causing any suspicion. Online is the easiest way to meet and schmooze.

Why do they need women?

This means that any woman is a valuable asset for terrorists. In that case, if she is lucky and she will be a capable recruiter. If not, it waits for a sex Jihad. According to voice of the ideology of ISIS, the essence of sex Jihad is to marry militants, give birth to his children and to guide them on the path of Islamism. The radicals often use the concept of temporary marriage, which supposedly exists in Islam. They tell the girls that if married life they will not like it, the opportunity to leave and return to his normal life will always be. In fact, in Islam there is no concept of temporary marriage. When the girl will be in the hands of the Islamists, the number of “spouses” can reach 30 people in a month. This means that the sex Jihad, in fact, transformed into sexual slavery.

“Your dreams will come true”

Lonely or unsatisfied with the relationship woman is the weakest link. The Patriarchal order, from which we are still, not released completely, the same hook that easily catch any woman who dreams of personal happiness. Fate presents her handsome Prince, man, “which was like a stone wall”, a man ready to provide her a quiet and happy future. Of course, no relation to the reality it is not, but the simplest trap works all the same.

How do the recruiters ?

It is important to understand that recruiters absolutely no hurry, so they never work quickly and “in a forehead”. The victim simply does not understand that it is manipulated, because each is an individual work. This means that the recruiter will work with your weaknesses, it will pull those strings that could offend you, and not some abstract woman. Therefore, it is important to recognize manipulation from the outset, it is important not to allow this man to ingratiate himself. Here are the signs that should alert you to:

New friend was too much interested in your life

As already mentioned recruiters are mainly through social networks and Dating sites. A new friend that appeared “accidentally” begins to lead you to good conversations and to elicit details of personal life. You want to tell him everything, because this man is very thin feels your emotions, you immediately feel that you are “on the same wavelength”. Actually, of course, it is just a subtle knowledge of human psychology, not a sudden kinship.

In your life, there is a “right person”

The one in which you have long needed. This person can help you if you have difficulties, can become a close friend, ally, teacher or lover. The main thing — he will meet your and only your needs. If you want to get married — will appear to catch. You need a reliable friend — here it is. Looking for someone who will play the role of a parent like that, too. You should alert the following: this person will appear after you where ever openly talk about their difficulties

You feel “suspended in air”

As soon as the recruiter will know you have taken a strong position, he will begin to use techniques that will confuse your thoughts. You will feel that you don’t rely on that — your position in life will seem shaky and unreliable, and the new you until. To cut the ground from under the feet is not as difficult as you think. If you feel that after conversations with new acquaintances, it is impossible to collect my thoughts, run.

Do you feel that your familiar environment — hostile.

If you think your family is against you, friends harm, and favorite person is just using you, try to remember at what point you knew it. If after talking with a new friend you feel that enemies are around, it’s likely you recruit. The victim will certainly need to detach from loved ones, but it is better if she will do it alone.

Someone has the answers to all the questions.

Moreover, very simple answers. If the world becomes black and white: there is good and evil, to distinguish one from the other is simple. There is a man who knows how to live right, and it points you the way. Most likely, at this stage you start talking about religion. Of course, about Islam. Or rather, about radical Islam to the true Islam has almost nothing to do.

You will understand that you are the special.

Not like everyone else. Moreover, there is a society of the same favorites, and your place is, of course, there. Where you all will understand where you can be yourself, and where you will enjoy the absolute happiness, of course, is not what is here.

If you were looking for a man, you will offer.

And most likely, it will be extremely romantic story, you will not even hide that he is a fighter, because at this stage you will not confuse.  He is a real man, a brave fighter against evil  and tired warrior needs a true friend. Compassion multiplied by admiration, — a hell of a cocktail, can deprive the mind of many women.

If you’re looking for something different this is for you.

Women are not interested in a relationship with brutal bearded males caught on other hooks: you can offer volunteer activities. Noble mission, the struggle for peace in the world — why not? You can offer the best work — and, since critical thinking has been reduced, you will agree.

What to do to protect yourself online.

Do not take on the social network personal information. Forums where women complain to each other on their problems, is a real goldmine for recruiters. If you really need to vent somewhere and emotions, to start a new, anonymous account and “kill” him in a few days. Don’t answer to private messages sent to your “virtual”.

Don’t answer the doubtful queries in social networks. Check if you have mutual friends with the person who asks him to add. Read his posts before you respond to the request. If something sounds suspicious, “ban” it immediately.

Check the information. If you do a tempting job offer — make inquiries before giving an answer.

If you’re interested in religion — to go to the source.

Women who are interested in Islam — the first candidate of the victim recruiters. Remember that radical Islam has little to do with real Islam.

If suddenly, someone decides to help you in studying this religion in the first place read the Koran for themselves. Because the recruiter is sure, you will say the following:

“An unmarried status for women in Islam — a shame.”

With this sauce, you immediately offer a “good groom”, of course.

In fact: according to Sharia, if a single female as well as male — manages to preserve her virtue and honour, then there is no sin that they do not marry.

“If parents are against, forget about them. They are against Islam, and therefore against you.”

Parents are the main opponents of the recruiter: if they are near a potential victim, they are the first to notice that there is something serious. Therefore, to neutralize the family — its main task. Will tell you that for the sake of faith are to not only deny, and need.

In fact: in the Quran very often repeated the commandments and regulations of the manifestations of piety towards parents as well as the warning and the prohibition of disobedience of parents and disrespectful towards them. Allah says: “Worship Allah and join none with Him alone. Do good to parents” (4:36). “We have enjoined man to be kind to parents” (29:8). “We have enjoined upon man goodness to his parents. His mother bore him, feeling the exhaustion in weakness upon weakness, and took him from the breast in two years. Thank Me and your parents; unto Me is the return” (31:14).

Written by Bianca Gerber

Bianca Gerber is a journalist who is working for the country’s largest newspaper. She has a keen interest in reporting on activism and hacktivism.
She is also a contributor at EU based Revolution News media. Bianca reports and writes for Cyber-USA on IT security related topics.

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