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Sextortion is one of the most thriving online scams, perpetrated primarily by organized crime and cyber criminals from third world countries such as the Philippines, Ukraine, the Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, Morocco, etc.

Typically, the blackmailer creates an online profile, presents as a young woman, and starts a conversation with a random guy. They may use social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), dating applications and websites (OkCupid, Tinder, Badoo), or other websites commonly used for locating sexual partners (Ashley Madison, Chatroulette).

Sometimes online crime organizations use seduction girls from Ukraine and other East European countries. They pose as girls who are legitimately seeking male attentionhis.

In either case, the blackmailer guides the victim into a sexting conversation, during which the parties exchange intimate texts, photos, videos, and even interactive sexual video chat.

The blackmailer records the entire conversation and fishes for information about the victim, such as relatives, friends, workplace, phone number, addresses and other data.

Afterward, the blackmailer shows the victim the information gathered about him, and threatens that the intimate content will be distributed to relatives, coworkers, or published online, etc., unless a ransom is paid.

Absolutely not.

One of the most common mistakes that a blackmail victim makes is agreeing to pay. It is important to understand that blackmail is a crime, with the sole aim of extorting money, and as much money as possible.

If the victim agrees to pay the ransom, the blackmailers will be encouraged and will demand more money.

Why should you believe him?

This is a professional criminal who is blackmailing you, is lying to you, is violating your privacy, and is now demanding money from you. What will prevent him from continuing to blackmail you after you pay? Integrity? Fairness? Probably not.

The blackmailer often presents a cover story, telling the victim that  the blackmail is necessary to fund a medical procedure for a relative. He may send pictures of a baby in the hospital, or an aging woman in the ER. The cover story is intended to create empathy for the blackmailer’s fictitious situation, and convince the victim that he is dealing with a reliable person, who will stop the blackmail once the sum for the medical procedure is received.

This is a deliberate manipulation. Do not fall into this trap.

We are a private cyber company founded by veterans of security services and elite military units, cyber experts, and lawyers, who specialize in crisis management, intelligence and investigations.

We have extensive experience managing crises at an international level and assist high profile clients around the world. We have a track record of success and maintain complete discretion and the privacy of our clients.

Our company operates fully within the law, using our extensive knowledge and experience to provide proper response and assistance to victims of cybercrime.


We have handled crises for many clients around the world. Our experience is invaluable, and our guidance has proven its effectiveness time and again over many years.


We provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and do not use information received for any purpose other than solving your crisis.

Paying the blackmailer never ends online blackmail crisis. Sooner or later you will have to stand up to the blackmailer and say, “no more”. You need to be clear with the blackmailer that you are not going to pay.

However, resisting the blackmailer will probably lead to the distribution of the private content, in order to test how determined you are. We know how to eliminate such attempts, with high success rates. In other cases, we manage to remove the content quick.

Our extensive experience in the field allows us to predict the blackmailer’s next move with a high degree of certainty. With our help, the blackmailer will understand that you are not easy prey, and will back off  – sooner or later.

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We are an information security and data protection consulting company. Our talented team of cyber security professionals really knows what they’re doing! We are former law enforcement personnel (Prosecutors, Ministry of Defence personnel etc.). Military veterans, Data protection officers and General data protection regulation specialists. Our expertise is managing complex cyber crises around the world. We are world’s most experienced Cyber company in dealing with online blackmail and sextortion.

Data Protection Officers (DPO) Certified​

Data Protection Officers (DPO) Certified​

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Certified

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Certified

Military Veterans (Cyber unit & Special forces)

Military Veterans (Cyber unit & Special forces)

Former Law enforcement personnel

Former Law enforcement personnel

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Before we start ...

1. Don't Pay The Blackmailer !
The blackmail will not stop; quite the opposite. You will become the blackmailer’s favorite victim. The blackmailer will promise that if you pay the ransom, your personal information will be deleted, and you can go back to your routine. Often, they even tell you a heart-breaking story about an ill relative who is in need of a medical procedure, to gain empathy and justify the supposedly one-time payment. One of the biggest mistakes victims make in such cases is to pay, but if the blackmailer was a reliable person whose integrity could be counted upon, he would not have blackmailed you in the first place, would he?
2. Buy time!
Take actions to delay the blackmailer until you can get assistance. You can choose to ignore the blackmailer, or take action and seek professional help. If you decide to ignore the blackmailer, ignore him completely and consistently. Do not communicate at all. If the blackmailer is pressuring you and you decide to seek help, take actions to buy time, such as saying: “I am trying to get the money, give me a couple of hours”, or “lets schedule another conversation, and meanwhile I will see what I can arrange”.
3. Stop and take a breath.
The blackmail technique is based on upsetting, confusing and pressuring the victim. Gather your strength to stop, breathe, and reflect. Try to detach yourself from emotion and think rationally: “what does he actually want from me?”, “if I pay him, what prevents him from asking for more?”, “am I facing a life threat, or is it just a threat to my privacy?”, “do I want to deal with this alone?”, “Are there professionals​​who can assist with this kind of cases?”. Understand that many others have experienced what you are experiencing – over the years we have assisted celebrities, CEO's, and prominent persons. Blackmail can happen to anyone.
4. Maintain perspective!
It is reasonable to assume that you are not under a life threat. This is a privacy crisis. Sexual blackmailing can be very shocking. The threat of distributing your private content online can be overwhelming. Nobody wants intimate correspondence or images to reach his spouse, relatives, friends, colleagues, or to leak onto the internet. However, you must stay calm and realize that you are not under an imminent life threat. The blackmailers are usually working from third world countries, looking for easy money, without any real ability to threaten your life. Therefore, we recommend you​ to ​maintain perspective and relax as much as possible.
5. Seek assistance!
You can contact the authorities or us​ - privacy professionals. You have fallen victim to a criminal offense, your privacy has been violated, and your intimate information is being used against you. You can, of course, contact law enforcement authorities, starting with the local police, or contact national or international enforcement authorities, such as Interpol, the FBI, etc. However, in most cases law enforcement authorities are not able to provide you one-on-one assistance in solving a privacy violation crisis, and you may assume that they will not act to have your intimate content removed from the internet. There are, however, private service providers who do provide one-on-one assistance, strategic consultation, and analysis of the situation, and take direct action to protect your interests.
6. Back to your normal routine.
Take comfort knowing that professionals are handling the crisis for you. When we handle a client’s case we ensure high quality, efficient and professional service, based on our successful handling of hundreds of previous cases. We provide the client with primary consultation and explanation regarding their situation, and give simple instructions to follow. We take the reins, ​and you are able to return to your day to day routine - We’ve got your back!

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